Facts at a Glance

Cache La Poudre Elementary School
3511 W. County Road 54G
Laporte, CO 80535

Principal: Roxann Hall
Grades: Pre-K – 5/ Enrollment: 298
School colors: Green & white
School mascot: Pirate

“Caring Community of Lifelong Learners Practicing and Preparing for Each and Every future success!”

Cache La Poudre Elementary (CLPE) is adjacent to Cache La Poudre Middle School (CLPMS) in Laporte. Our attendance area encompasses the mountain communities, the town and rural areas of Laporte, and the northern edges of Fort Collins, giving our school a diverse population. We remodeled in 1993 when 12,885 square feet of classroom space was added and again in 2006 when classrooms were converted to a flex room used for breakfast, lunch, and programs.

Learning culture
Along with CLPMS, our elementary school is the hub of the Laporte community. Parents and community members are extremely proud and supportive of their two schools. Staff members create a child-centered learning environment that focuses on basic skills while challenging and enriching individual students. Our school is a friendly, inviting, and caring place.

Academic environment
CLPE is a community of learners where diversity is appreciated, where students are challenged in a caring environment, and where everyone has the opportunity to grow, succeed, and contribute to society. Teaching children reading, writing, and math skills are our primary focus.

Our character education program emphasizes the importance of good character and the need to make good choices.

Instructional & enrichment programs
In addition to basic academic subjects, instruction also includes art, music, physical education, library, computer lab, accelerated reading, Title I, special education, literacy, gifted/talented, and character education. Our PC lab is fully networked for internet access. Students may participate in morning news, choir, student council, peer mediation, and Odyssey of the Mind.

CLPE offers all-day or half-day kindergarten classes and a tuition based before- and after-school child-care program. CLPE is a LINC library site during the summer.

Opportunities for parents
Parents are a vital part of their children’s educational experience. Many opportunities are available for parents to volunteer at our school and with the PTO, which conducts fundraisers and family activities.

Staff average years teaching experience: 13 years
Education level of teachers: 20 of 32 teachers hold master’s degrees or above

Cache La Poudre Middle School

3515 W. County Road 54G
Laporte, CO 80535
(970) 488-7400

Principal: William (Skip) Caddoo
School colors: Kelly green & white
Grades: 6 – 8 / Enrollment: 378
School mascot: Pirate

“Cache La Poudre Middle School is a school where respect, rigor, relevance, responsibility, and relationships drive the learning process.”

In an expanded building that was first occupied in 1959, Cache La Poudre Middle School (CLPMS) is one of the longest continually operating junior high schools in PSD.

Learning culture
CLPMS strives to provide a safe, positive, productive, and mutually respectful environment where students and staff have the right, and responsibility, to learn and teach. We believe in academic rigor, content relevance, school safety, respect, and personal responsibility. We believe parents, students, staff, and community working toward these goals create a learning environment in which students are successful and excellence is rewarded.

Academic environment
Writing and literacy are the focus of CLPMS. Students are required to write once a day in all classes using the Six Traits Writing matrices.

All 6th- and 7th-grade students take the Discovery program. All 8th-grade math students take some form of algebra. Leadership is available to all 8th graders. After-hours opportunities exist in Pirate Tutorial.

Instructional & enrichment programs
In addition to accelerated college Pre-Advanced Placement courses available for 6th, 7th and 8th graders, we also offer AVID, a skills class for selected college-bound students.

Foreign language is offered in an exploratory study for the first year, and students beginning the language in 7th grade can finish Spanish I by the end of their 8th-grade year.

Students have exposure to an extensive technology education program. Also available are a variety of academic and elective classes.

Opportunity for parents
Parents serve on the School Improvement Team and volunteer to help students in the classroom. Our site-based decision making team provides input about goals, curriculum, and accountability and helps develop the annual report to the community.

Staff average years teaching experience: 12 years
Education level of teachers: 18 of 28 teachers hold master’s degrees or above

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